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Here we have an adorable 1960s Pedigree Teddy.


Height:  34cm (13.5")

Sits:  29cm (11.5")


Patch has a lovely soft golden yellow nylon plush.


Patch is in good condition, with an original Pedigree neck lable. The fused amber and black safety eyes are original, as is the stitched nose.


This bear was origonally with foam chippings which is potentially toxic.  


The bear has been professional emptied of the 1960s foam filling, gently hand washed and re-stuffed with a premium graded poly fibre stuffing.


Please look at the photos for appearance and condition.  You will note a stained "patch" on the back, left of teddy's head.


If you would like any further information of phtots, please do hesitate to contact me.

1960s Unjointed Pedigree Bear

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