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As seen in The Teddy Bear Times and Friends Edition  Issue 267


Bring back your childhood memories with Bill the Badger and his best friend Rupert the Bear is also available 


He is 14"  (36cm) tall and in original condition.

Bill has recived a surface clean to his fur.


Bill has his filling checked and is filled with cotton sub, factory repurposed  fabric waste, so is NOT filled with the potentially toxic foam chippings.


Bill came to me with his orginal blue felt coat which was too small in fitting which had become threadbare will a large hole in it, no dobt from trying to pull it on over his chest ( this Bill the Badger must have been to the gym - tee hee)


I could resist making him a new, correctly sixed wool felt jacket and a pair of cotton striped trousers and Bill being a rather dapper young badger needed a velvet red bow tie.


Being inspired by a Rupert and Bill comic strip picture I knitted Bill a back pack so he can safely keep his original jacket with him.


If you wish to purchase both Rupert and his friend Bill the Badger togather, please contact me to arrange the combined price of £80 for the pair.

1970s Pedigree Bill the Badger

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