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Lucy is a serious looking bear but is very loveable and kind and likes to take on the responsibility of looking after other bears, so would happily join a hug of other bears.

She likes to look pretty and wanted a cute pink cotton bow.


With a little help from teddy bear friends on Facebook I was led to discover that Lucy is a 1960s Brass Mohair Pedigree Bear


Lucy has received a full health check at Blinkley Wood Bear Hospital and only a little tender loving care at the Spa with a light gentle clean and brush.


Lucy’s Statistics


Approx Height: Paw to Ears is 17 “  (43cm).    Sits at 13” (33cm)


Fur:  Dark golden mohair in good original condition.  There is one small bald patch to her upper back right leg. I do wonder if she might have tried to shave her legs, and then thought better of it.


Joints: All five in working order 


Filling: Head, body and limbs all feel softly stuffed, probably kapok.  There is the feel of a non-working growler that has some wood excelsior around it.

Please note I have not opened up Lilly, so I am going off what I can feel and found out in reference books.


Eyes: They appear to be Original Black and amber glass.


Nose & Mouth: Original black stitching


Paw Pads: Original Brown velveteen. A little show of wear, but are in a good stable condition


Claws: No claw features


Please take a close look at the photos to see his “play with” condition and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Thank you,

Sam x 


1960s Pedigree 17” Dark Golden Mohair Bear

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