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What some have to say about their experience with
Blinkley Wood Bears Hospital



Florence Fluffless

This sweet little bear from the 1960s came to Blinkley Wood Bears Hospital, having had a bad ordeal with another so called restorer, she looked like a completely different bear, had been completely recovered with mohair which came apart when one thread was pulled.

This is what Jackie W posted on her Facebook page....

"Florence Fluffless is home and is looking so beautiful!!!

I just want to tell everyone and absolutely recommend Sam Mason and her heritage teddy bear restoration business Blinkley Wood Bears!!!

I sent my bear off to Sam after she had already been to a bear butcher who covered her in stiff gross fur. Was rude, just an utter lying con artist! Can’t tell you how upset I was. Utter trash of a woman.

Anyway!!!! Sam saw my post and contacted me. Think you Rebecca Weate added name to my post.

We chatted and I knew she would be perfect to sort out the repair and undo the mess the last woman had done.

I actually didn’t realise how important my bear was to me! I was so angry at how she had been ‘restored’ before. It made me feel really robbed!

Sam understands how much a bear means to anyone who has one and treated her accordingly. I even got updates via messenger. They brought joy to my heart!!

Florence Fluffless arrived back with a handmade new dress and bow too made out of a top of my G’daughters. There was a lovely note from Sam in the parcel too. I was going to give her to my granddaughter, but not just yet. She is mine for a few more years I think!

After a stressful week her arriving home has made it all pale into insignificance.

If you ever need a bear restored please contact Sam!

Thank you Sam for being totally lovely and very talented!!!!


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