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Anglesey Teddy Bear Hospital
by Blinkley Wood Bears
Since 2011

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Here at Anglesey Teddy Bear Hospital run by Blinkley Wood Bears, we understand your bear is very special and unique to you. 

I undertake to complete a sympathetic restoration, maintaining the full character of your bear.

Any surgery performed on your bear is discussed with you first. There may be some repairs that a loved one has made to your bear in the past and you wish to keep them just as they are.

As much of your bear's history is retained and any replacements, for example top up of stuffing is always in-keeping with how your bear was originally designed.

Please feel free to contact me for a no obligation quote

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Here are some examples of well loved bears given a new lease of life at
Blinkley Wood Bears Hospital

Tara Mohair Teddy Bear
94 year old mohair bear
So many adventures, so many holes
Much loved modern bear and new friend Sockorro
Sheepskin Bear
Omego Mohair Standing Bear
Chad Valley Pyjama Case
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