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I have named him Brumas after the polar bear cub born at London Zoo in 1950.


Brumas has received a full health check at Blinkley Wood Bear Hospital and received a Spa Day. The hospital advised some minor surgery and gave him new glass eyes, his tight ear was  reattached and a little stitching to the nose and mouth.


Brumas the Polar Bear, originating from chillier climates likes to have his red woolly scarf handy.


Brumas’ Statistics


* Approx Height - Paw to Ears is 15 “  (38cm).    Sits at 11” (28cm)


* Fur -   Cream wool plush (not sheep skin) Only baldness I have seen is a small 2cm patch to the right foot


* Joints - All five in working order 


* Filling - Feels to be stuffed with wood excelsior throughout head, body and limbs. Please note I have not opened him up


* Eyes - Replacement amber and black glass eyes


* Nose & Mouth -  Mostly original mouth stitching, with some added stitching to secure


* Paw Pads - Original cloth. Foot paw pads are worn at the edges and have original card lining. All paw pads have been darkened from fading brown to disguise non removable ink on his left foot paw


* Claws - Original black stitching


Please take a close look at the photos to see his “play with” condition and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Thank you,

Sam x 



1950’s  British 15” Wool Plush Bear

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