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Ottie is in great original condition for his 60+ years. He is such a cutie, being a small bear of 11 inches (28cm)


Ottie has received a full health check at Blinkley Wood Bear Hospital and only a little tender loving care at the Spa with a light gentle clean and brush.


Otties Statistics


Approx Height: Paw to Ears is 11 “  (28cm).    Sits at 9” (23cm)


Fur:  Shaggy blond mohair on a dark brown backing. And a short clipped beige mohair muzzle


Joints: All five in working order 


Filling: Ottie has a working squeaker

Head is stuffed with wood excelsior and the body and limbs are softly stuffed.

Please note Ottie has not been opened up 


Eyes: Original Black and amber glass.


Nose & Mouth: Original black stitching, When his mouth is opened you can see remnants of the original pink airbrushed tongue.


Paw Pads: Original Peach felt pads. HIs hands are a little worn at the fingertips, the left having a very small hole, but other than that all pads are in a stable condition.


Claws: Original three claws to hands and feet


Please take a close look at the photos to see his “play with” condition and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Thank you,

Sam x 


1960s Hermann 11" Zotty Type Mohair Bear

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